We have two darts teams in the club with 3 separate boards, and we are always on the lookout for new players who would like a game.Players of all ages and abilities take part so don't be shy - the Winter League has already started but we will have room for extra teams in the Summer League and also next year's Winter League.

The Darts teams currently play in the Oxted and District Charity Darts League and we hope to have two teams again next year. We play on a Monday, and we will have at least one team in the Summer league as well.  to enquire about playing please get in touch with Brian or Brett

The 4 Snooker teams play in the Westerham Snooker League, normally on a Thursday night.There are two tables in the club so plenty of chance to practice.

If you are interested in playing snooker, the Captains are -

A Team - Ken

B Team - Jim

C Team - Mick

D Team - Graham

The League starts in September and you can find more information at -

  • Westerham Snooker League: Click here for Westerham Snooker

    We have now also adopted the Oxted Hockey club, their results can be found at
  • Oxted Hockey Club: Click here for Oxted Hockey Club