We currently have one darts team in the club with 3 separate boards, so plenty of room for more. We are always on the lookout for new players who would like a game. Players of all ages and abilities take part so don't be shy - the Summer League will start soon .

The Darts teams currently play in the Oxted and District Charity Darts League and we will have a single team this year. We play on a Monday, and we will have a  team in the Summer league as well.  to enquire about playing please get in touch with Brian 

The 4 Snooker teams play in the Westerham Snooker League, normally on a Thursday night. There are two tables in the club so plenty of chance to practice.

If you are interested in playing snooker, the Captains are -

A Team - Brian 

B Team - Jim

C Team - Mick

D Team - Graham

The League starts in September and you can find more information at -

  • Westerham Snooker League: Click here for Westerham Snooker