Hello, been a long time but here's what's happening in the club -

 The Covid-19 nightmare has badly affected us like everyone else, especially as we had committed to refurbishing the bars with new carpeting and the areas around the bar itself. That has been completed and paid for and the place looks great. Even with all the notices and one-way system we have had to implement!

The Chefs are still providing meals (best to book) and takeaway food as well - contact them direct

Restricted opening times are in place to allow extra time for sanitizing, and because we are short staffed - please check 

 Unfortunately, we have had to restrict access to the snooker and pool tables and darts boards as we couldn't comply with the social distancing requirements.

 However, we are now able to reopen the snooker tables with effect this weekend, subject of course to all players sticking to the social distancing rules and using hand sanitizer etc - see the restrictions in the club.

We are also reconfirming that access is for to members only, with the usual caveat that you can sign in one guest.

All members and visitors also have to take part in the track & trace scheme as well.

Thats all for now, updates when there is anything to tell.